Deadpool To Mad Magazine: Where To Find Comics In Mumbai

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I am a comic collector and always have been one. The most common question I am faced with is ‘how did you start collecting comics, and do you still do so?’ Back when I was a kid, right till I was in college, I used to find myself visiting bookshops for my comic fix. Over the years, many of these bookshops have disappeared in the fight against online retailers. But there are still hidden gems strewn across the city. Here are some of my favourites.

VL Nayak Book Store

This little shop near Khar station is a landmark for book and music-lovers. VL Nayak has been around for decades and each and every Khar resident would be aware of the brand name.

I used to get a lot of DC and Marvel singles from here years ago back in my school days, but I still head here for a good dose of Amar Chitra Kathas, Tinkle comics, Phantom {reprints, not Indrajal} and Archies. Nostalgia to the max.

Knowledge Book Point

This is a stationary shop on the outside, and a library on the inside which also sells books.

I think I have bought some of my rarest singles from Knowledge. I got a lot of Spawn issues, Oink, The Maxx and many other titles which are hard to find in India.

Cable and Deadpool was a series I totally wanted to get my hands on for a long long time, and I finally found some issues at Knowledge. Again, it’s a game of luck with places like these. If you’re there on your lucky day, you’ll find some good stuff!

Word of advice – ask for “aap Superman-Batman books rakhte ho?” rather than “Comics hai kya?” Much more effective.

Pavement Book Sellers At Fort

The pavement book sellers strewn all over and around Fountain area had a superb collection of comics before they faced eviction a few years ago. They did manage to come back after their short-lived ban, but the number of comics available has reduced.

I have picked up a lot of mint condition Asterix and Tintin issues from these stalls, along with the usual Marvel and DC singles. Though, I was once duped here as well. I had picked up an Asterix comic, only to find after coming home that the first 32 pages of the comic were repeated over the next 32 pages. In other words, it was only half the comic, printed twice. This was either a ‘press-reject’ copy or I was conned. So keep your eyes open and check your purchases.

But on the bright side, this was only one instance of facing such an issue, I can’t tell you how many comics from my collection have come from these footpaths. Other than the usual titles, I have picked up quite a few Gary Larson’s Far Side collections from here as well.

Footpath Bookseller At Kala Ghoda

Just a few steps down the pavement outside the Fabindia shop in Kala Ghoda, you’ll find an unassuming book seller who has been around for a while now. To my surprise, the guy had some vintage Mad magazines, as well as the usual Archies and Tintins. He knows a collector when he sees one, and that’s when the prices soar. So be tactful and bargain.

So, when’s your collection expanding?

Title Waves

This Bandra store (man, Bandra really does have everything, no?) doesn't have the super rare ones, but you can easily find popular titles here. You'll get your usual DC and Marvel comics, a little Asterix, and some Tintin. Head here if you're a newbie to the world of comics, and you'll have a great primer. 


Abhijeet Kini, founder of Abhijeet Kini Studios, is an independent comics publisher, whose comic catalogue includes the popular Angry Maushi comic series. He has been into magazine and newspaper illustrations since 1999, freelancing from back in his college days, with publications like Mid-Day, Timesgroup, etc. He is a regular illustrator with Tinkle comics, working on famous characters like Butterfingers, Defective Detectives and SuperWeirdos. Some other publications that feature his works are Comic Con India, Hindustan Times Brunch, among others. Abhijeet is a regular participant in Comic Cons in India as well as abroad. He along with his wife run Kini Merch, a line of collectibles.