Commuters, Rejoice! One Rupee Clinics Have Been Set Up At 5 Stations In The City

Jayati posted on 19 May


Central Railway Line in association with Magicdi Health For All Pvt Ltd has set up one rupee clinics at a total of five stations which include Kurla, Wadala, Mulund, Ghatkopar and Dadar, according to a report by DNA. These clinics will provide medical assistance to the commuters on daily basis for a charge of INR 1 following the orders of the Bombay High Court.

How Does It Work?

These 24X7 clinics cum emergency medical rooms {EMR} will provide immediate medical service to any injury or accident that happens on the railways premise {with discounted rates}. To that affect, the clinic at Ghatkopar station was inaugurated on May 5, and clinics at Dadar, Kurla, Wadala and Mulund were inaugurated on May 9, according to DNA.

Considering the number of accidents and injuries that take place regularly at the railway stations, it acts like an affordable medical care plan for people who cannot afford to be taken to regular and private hospitals and clinics, especially in case of emergencies on the railway premises.

The clinics will act as the first point service for all patients and commuters who need immediate medical attention, termed as the “free goldenhour treatment“. MBBS doctors will man these clinics at all times, and provide care to the patients and accident victims.

Let’s give you a grim reality check- in 2015, almost 3,304 people died and 3,349 suffered from accident injuries while commuting in local trains, according to a report published by The Hindu. By setting up these one rupee clinics, it’s a positive step in the direction of minimising these deaths and injuries and get immediate medical care.

Apart from this, other facilities such as BP check {free} and blood sugar test {INR 25} will also be available.

So, We're Saying...

It’s necessary for commuters to have access to 24X7 affordable medical facility. So far, five stations have been chosen for the clinics, however, another 19 stations will also have their own clinics. There’s a good news commuters, rejoice!