Ten-Second Takeaway

Do you like to dabble in the arts? We found a place where you can learn jewellery making. 2017 looks arty for you.

What Is It?

We foundĀ a jewellery making class in Amboli, Jogeshwari. If you want to learn how to make imitation jewellery, Amruta is your go-to person. She’ll schedule classes for you according to your needs. If you’re working and can only attend in the evening, she’ll schedule a class accordingly. She teaches jewellery making in 12-15 classes and the course will cost you INR 4,000.

Photo source: Pixabay

Photo source: Pixabay

If DIY is your jam and you own it with elan, why not make your own jewellery and acquire a new skill while looking awesome? Next time somebody asks you where you got those earrings from, you know what to say!

So, We’re Saying…

2017 is the year of new possibilities and if your list includes learning something new and offbeat, jewellery making is what you can go for.

Photos source: Pixabay