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What Makes It Awesome

I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting brands to cover, and when I came across Soulspiti on my Insta feed, I immediately paused. Their earthy yet contemporary design aesthetic coupled with a focus on sustainability, community and craftsmanship made me want to know more about their range.

Started by Avantika and Suraj who gave up their corporate jobs to find a more meaningful path, Soulspiti has everything from woodwork to pottery, lighting and even healing plants. The collection here is in one word, wholesome. Adding these products to your space is a wonderful way of incorporating earth-friendly decor that's uplifting and welcoming. Anyone with a green thumb, or looking to infuse some much-needed green into their living area will appreciate their range of botanicals - planters, pots, wooden ladders with lighting (a favourite of mine), and wooden frames. If you've a dull corner, add in one of their warm lights with green accents or add in one of their bark candle holders in geometric patterns. It's not all decor though, and a holistic approach to lifestyle means they also have consumables like their kadhas made with Himalayan spices.

It's old-meets-new in the best possible way, at Soulspiti. Influenced by traditional art forms and methods, their products also feature a spark of innovation that you'll see in designs like their wood-cut tables. And as for the materials, the wood is pine and waste wood so it keeps their earth-friendly design in mind. Soulspiti is all about balance, creating a space that feels like a calm within a storm. It's about finding the middle land or spiti in your soul or emotion. And I for one can't wait to get a hold of some of their beautiful products - the Komorebi plant chandelier and their Hanging Garden Lamp are calling to me. Expect to shell out between INR 1800 to INR 25000 for their products.

What Could Be Better

Their range is definitely on the higher end, but if you're up for paying for earth-friendly products handcrafted with a lot of care, Soulspiti might be just what you are looking for.


They ship pan India and shipping is included in the price