Shhh: 5 Places In Mumbai Your Parents Don't Want You To Know About


    Breaking the rules can be fun sometimes. Not that any of the places we are going to recommend are not supported by our law and constitution, but your parents will definitely not be thrilled to see you there. So, without telling anyone…let’s bookmark these five spots to visit whenever you feel like doing something wild.  

    'Stay Uncle’ App To Find Rooms For Unmarried Couples

    Unmarried couples will know the struggle of finding some privacy for themselves without being judged or lying about their relation. Now, you can use the Stay Uncle app which directs you to the hotels allowing unmarried couples to rent rooms ‘by the hour’ without batting an eyelid. Read about it here.

    This Legal Poker Club In Santa Cruz

    Too much gambling never helped anyone but playing poker once in a while for recreation can be fun. It’s a super indulgent game and if you want to get your hands dirty once in a while, you should head over to New World Of Sports Clubs {NWOS} in Santacruz. Read about it here.

    Places That Can Deliver Alcohol Post 1 AM

    No great party ever ended before midnight but unfortunately, the supplies always did. So, if you are running out of alcohol and it’s too late to go out and get it, refer to this list of six places in Mumbai which will deliver liquor at your doorstep post 1:00 AM. Read about it here.

    Places To Party Post 1:30 AM

    Are you tired of sticking to Mumbai’s curfew which begins at 1:30 AM because the fun and dancing BEGINS by then? This list of places in Mumbai which are open for partying after 1:30 AM is here to save your future nights and those inexplicably enjoyable dance sessions. Read about it here.

    Sex Street Near Flora Fountain

    Did you know about the street in Flora Fountain which is Mumbai’s ultimate sex-toy destination? The street has shops selling dildos as ‘massagers’ along with breast enlargement gels, reusable condoms and lubricants. Read about it here.


    If you are planning to host a kickass house party, visit Al’s Tattoo Parlour in Bandra West to buy awesome bongs. And if you are looking to spice up your sex life, visit these websites to get some really kinky stuff.