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Secret Santa Gifts Under INR 500 For Every Colleague

Secret Santa is the best thing that Christmas has to offer (well, one of the best). The excitement of picking chits, struggling to find that perfect gift for your colleague and finally seeing the smile on their faces when they open the nicely wrapped gift. It simply spreads so much joy, happiness and positivity around. An ideal way to kickstart the festive season. 

We've curated a list of amazing gifting options that will suit every budget:

Indoor Plants

Plants are the safest bet. They’re thoughtful. They’re pretty flexible (can be kept at home or on your office desk). And they’re sure to spread positivity and happiness around. Now, you can opt for the conventional ones like Aloe Vera, Betel Leaf, Money Plant or Bamboo Palm. Or you can go a bit extra and gift some fancy exotic plants like Anthurium, Alocasia, Allamanda, etc. 

Where To Buy From: Ugaoo

Price Range: Starts from INR 300

Audio Splitter

Now, this one’s a cool and a utility gift for that friend who loves listening to music with you. Always sat awkwardly while sharing the same earphones? Yup, we can relate to that. So, in that case, an audio splitter is a mobile accessory anyone would find useful. They are available in heart shape and superhero-themed ones.

Where To Buy From: Big Small

Price: INR 250

Quirky Calendars

Now, these are never a bad option. Especially for those colleagues who love being organized, or have an OCD with planning. From cute motivational quotes, type calendar to cute Panda and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. themed ones – they’ve got limited options, but they all are cute and cost-effective.  

Where To Buy From: Shop Mango Price: INR 425 and upwards

Clothing Stores

Shop Mango

    Quirky Quoted Frames

    Depending on the type of colleague you’re planning to gift, you can choose different themed frames with sassy or motivational quotes. For sure, options are plenty. From classic songs of popular bands to sassy quotes for clumsy people and from serious motivational one to Bollywood themed ones – they are sure to brighten up a dull wall or a boring work desk.

    Where To Buy From: Poster Gully

    Price: Starts from INR 199 and upwards (so maybe gift 2 or 3 frames)

    Home Décor Stores

    Poster Gully

    Sassy Car Stickers

    We all have that one friend or colleague who’s driving skills which makes us want to jump out of the car. Well, there’s something we’ve found for such drivers – sassy car stickers that will remind them to kind off chill out. Not just that, it will also alert others to follow rules and drive safe. For example, there are car stickers which reads ‘Not my dad’s gift, keep distance’, ‘Buckle up! God doesn’t save idiots,’, ‘Drive like Gandhi is watching,’, ‘Not your dad’s road either. #FollowRules,’, ‘Signals please, can’t read minds,’. 

    Where To Buy From: Prop Shop 24

    Price: INR 350 and upwards

    Comfy Socks

    What's better than cuddling up in a cozy corner and putting on the comfiest socks during winters?

    While there are tons of online brands for socks with fun and quirky prints, we’d say choose the other way out and opt for something unconventional and unusual. For this, we’d say opt for socks from Chumbak. Yup, not the first option to buy socks from, but trust us they’ve got an amazing gift pack of two pairs of socks which are simply too cute.

    Where To Buy From: Chumbak

    Price: INR 295 (for two pairs)

    Laptop Stickers

    Who doesn’t love decorating their laptops to add some personality to it? We sure do! From animated ones to cute doodles, we love almost their entire collection. From food-themed ones like pizzas, burgers and donuts to the ones with sassy text, stars and rainbows. Your laptop is sure to steal the limelight if you adorn it with these cute stickers.  

    Where To Buy From: Dot Badges

    Price: INR 25 for each sticker. (There are lots of cute stickers maybe pick a dozen or more)

    Reusable And Eco-friendly Goodies

    If you’re the type who loves curating tiny gifts and making one hamper, we’d say go for this. Curate an amazing hamper filled with eco-friendly and sustainable goodies. Here’s all that you can include: reusable cutlery, vegan candles, handmade paper notepad, organic tote bag, bamboo facial tissues (yup, that’s fancy). 

    Where To Buy From: Eco Trunk

    Price: Starts from INR 60 and goes up to INR 400. (pick and choose what to include in the hamper as per your budget)