Craving For Some Authentic Blends Of South Indian Spices? This Is Just The Place For You!

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What Makes It Awesome?

As it goes by the name itself, Gughan is one of the most prestigious and supreme South Indian Veg restaurant located near the Marine Lines.
The staff has people who have travelled all the way from Tamil Nadu. Even the spices and ingredients are exported from their native state.

I went there during lunch hours on a weekday and was surprised to see the place completely packed. Taking from the entranceway outside to the decor inside, all create a proper Tamilian vibe for the customers.

What I ordered:

1) Payasam and Sheera:
I was suggested of the food by the manager himself and was served with Payasam and Sheera at first. Payasam is treated as a starter in their culture. It was completely different in a good way than all the other payasams I have tasted in past. It had the right amount of tanginess and sweetness at the same time. The sheera was a pineapple sheera.
All life long I thought it is supposed to be yellow like sold in the markets. But it looked like a regular sheera, had the proper sweetness with pineapple flavour and actual chunks of the fruit at times. For a person who doesn't like sweets, it was surprising to see my plate completely empty at the end.

2) Ghee Milagapodi Idli:
Then I ordered their iconic dish the Milagapodi idli. The quantity for the price was too good with 8 idlis. As the name suggests, it was tossed in ghee with their homemade milagapodi masala of ground red chillies, urad dal, and sesame seeds. The idlis were the right amount of cooked and was so soft and a complete melt in the mouth. An amazing blend of spices which tasted like heaven.

3) Gaughan Tamil Nadu Limited meals:
This was the limited version of their iconic supreme thali. This one consisted of :
1 uthappam
1 appalam/papad
1 bowl of rice
Kaara khuzhambu (special gravy)
1 vegetable
Veg kuruma
butter milk
lemon pickle and fried chilli.

It was a full tummy-filling experience with a puzzle of different flavours. Especially the Kara Khuzhambu was a completely new dish I tasted. It was tangy and spicy and when mixed with rice, tasted sheer heaven. For those who like a little spice, will love this particular dish.

4) Sukku Kaapi and Filter Kaapi:
Don't have to explain what a filter kaapi is. The famous filter coffee is loved by all and this place serves one of best and most authentic. The sukku kaapi is a blend of dry ginger and coriander with water. A perfect blend of flavours and feels amazing to the taste buds.

Overall experience was amazing. The managing team was really cooperative and polite. The place has amazing Tamil food with authentic taste, reasonable and good quantity according to the price. The crowd is a classy one of families and office going public who come during lunch hours. Don't hesitate to stop by when in Churchgate.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Kids

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