These Cushion Covers Can Make Your Sofa Feel Brand New

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Tasseled Home

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You've been thinking about it for days now. The time's finally come to let go of those old, worn-out cushions and invest in some quality pieces that will last a while but will not break your bank. Let's be honest, we don't see ourselves spending a fortune on just cushions and covers, so the only thing to do is shop for something that's affordable but pretty to look at. Enter, Tasseled Home, a brand that invests its time making some pretty snappy cushions, and we've got our eyes on quite a few of them already!

 If Ikat's your jam, they have some really pretty blue and white cushion covers that you should check out. They make for elegant buddies on your couch. They also have some word-art style cushions that have muted floral patterns, that remind you of a hot summer day, having a picnic in the park. While they sell them as pillow covers, you can also pick up cushions for the perfect size right here. The festive season's coming up, it's time we change things up a bit and what better way to begin than by this small but incredibly big step of changing the furnishing at home?

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