From Tees To Handbags: Get Anything Customized At This Cool Bandra Store

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What Makes It Awesome

We found Good Luck Sales and Services, a small but useful shop in Bandra that repairs, stitches and customizes bags on-demand.

What's The Story: This one's a shop that takes all of our bag worries, puts them in another bag and chucks them away. The shop was started in 1940 by Hussain Mohammad's (the current owner) father as a shop in Mahim, (which is now their godown), but has kept up with modern style.

What They Do: We witnessed leather bags being repaired, duffel bags being made from scratch and the shopkeeper telling us why quality zips are important. It’s a great place to take that old bag you still love and can’t throw away, your mom’s bag which she says she’s going to get repaired (but never does), some plain white shoes to slap some cool patches on, or to jazz up those old pair of shorts with zips. 

Shell Out: Repairs start at as low as INR 10, and things are customized as per requirements.


They say they can customise anything from a chair to a wallet. May be prod some more and ask them to jazz up that old denim jacket? We asked and they said yes.


Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai