Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyaali Ho: Get Your Cutting Chai Fill at These Joints

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We know that Cutting Chai is Mumbai’s lifeblood, so you can be sure that it’s freely available in every nukkad. Now while it’s always a great time for ek cutting, but sometimes, it’s great to have it a space where you can sit down, talk to your date, and eat something yummy on the side. These restaurants will sort the food bit out for you, and the ambience bit, too!

Chai Pe Charcha

This quirky little chain has cropped up all over the city, and waltzed into our radar. What we love about Chai Pe Charcha is that they’ve not only got a lotta different kinds of chai, but also a LOT to eat. Familiar flavours that compliment chai dominate the menu - think parathas and bun maska.

Price: INR 55 ka Masala Chai

Chai Point

Now this one’s more of a grab your chai-and-go place, but they’ve got tons of options to customize your chai - add lemongrass, elaichi, ginger and even pudina. They’ve got a pretty impressive Suleimani Chai, too!

Price: INR 34 onwards (depending on size)

ChaiCoffi, Versova

This lovely Versova spot is cozy, and has a laidback vibe. It’s the perfect place to get some Cutting, paired with gourmet food, with an old friend. Their cutting’s got lemongrass and ginger, and they’ve also got a Masala Chai if you want some elaichi, cinnamon and/or pudina in the mix.

Price: INR 90

Raju Ki Chai, Fort

This VERY cute and VERY instagrammable space is a hole-in-the-wall at Fort. It’s not got a ton of space, but more than makes up for it in charm. They serve their chai in kullads, and it’s just got a great vibe. It’s got very basic food, and you can’t really go wrong with it.

Price: INR 55 ka Masala Chai

Tea Trails, Ghatkopar

This lovely place in Ghatkopar calls its cutting Mumbaiyya Chai. While it’s got great no-frills local food like Misal Pav and Maggi, Tea Trails mixes it up a little with a Tak A Tak Poutine (INR 160), and even a Khakra Pizza (INR 175).

Price: INR 110


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