Cheesy Dabeli In A Cone At Just INR 20 Is Now A Reality

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What Makes It Awesome?

This juke joint calls all the Dabeli lovers to try a tastier version of it in a cone. You can now relish on Dabeli at just INR 20. With a variety of Dabeli on the menu including cheese Dabeli cone, Schezwan Dabeli cone and more, this eatery is acing with flavours.

What's My Pro Tip?

Not just Dabeli, this place also serves Bhungra Bateki, a dish from Surat. They serve Fryums with spicy red potato vegetable on the side as well.

Anything Else?

You can spot the juke joint named Shree Kutchi Dabeli just outside Shiv Sena near the Mulund West station.

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