Dal Gosht, Nalli Nihari & Haleem: Get Drool-Worthy Home-Made Food From This Bandra Kitchen

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Cutchi Memon Table is a lovely addition to the home kitchen scene in in the city. Based out of Bandra, they serve hearty meals with a big smile.

Chow Down

Started by home chef Faiziya Soomar, Cutchi Memon Table is a venture started to bring Cutchi cuisine closer to people in Mumbai. A delivery kitchen based in Bandra, Faiziya makes some of the most drool-worthy dishes that’ll have you pining as soon as you read the menu.

Some of their signature dishes include mutton samosas {INR 480 per dozen}, mutton shami kebabs {INR 480 per dozen}, mutton baida roti {INR 125}, full stuffed chicken {INR 800 per chicken}, mutton haleem {INR 1,650 per kg}, mutton khichda {INR 1,650 per kg}, nalli nihari {INR 1,350 per kg}, paya {INR 1,350 per dozen}, dal gosht {INR 1,350 per kg}, mutton biryani {INR 1800 per kg}. All of these dishes are available in chicken also. Currently, they deliver from Mahim to Santacruz. All orders need to be placed minimum 24 hours in advance.

So, We're Saying...

Let’s take a moment to applaud all the awesome home kitchens that have sprouted up in the city. They often tend to surprise us. Plus, who doesn’t like home made food?


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