Delayed Flight? Here's How To Kill Time At Mumbai's Domestic Airport

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You’re at the airport and you’ve just been informed about a delayed flight {not surprising}. Don’t get grumpy and tweet your displeasure – enjoy the free time by engaging yourself in all the amazing distractions the Mumbai domestic airport at Santacruz has. Though, keep in mind, these are only some of the many things you can do across the three terminals.

Croma Zip

Tech freaks, window shoppers and those who’ve genuinely forgotten to carry an important gadget can head straight to Croma for all things electronic. Take a stroll around the store, and may be it can help you grab some digital must-haves for your journey ahead.

This shop sells laptops, cell phones, PDAs, CD, DVD players, cameras, travel-related gadgets and the like. Maybe pick up a gift for the fam you’re visiting?

Where: Phase 2, Terminal 1B {Post security-check}

Black Dog Bar

There’s no problem that a drink can’t solve, and so, if you do find yourself stuck between a delayed flight and boredom, simply head to the Black Dog bar. This bar is conveniently lcoated very close to the gates, so if you see them opening, you can just chug the remnants of your beer and make a run for it. But obviously, expect the drinks to be a little-overpriced – one pint of beer set us back by INR 450.

#LBBTip: The bar also has many plug points around it in case your phone or laptop needs some help.

Where: Terminal 1B {Post security check, near gates 9-20}


Retail therapy is a real thing, and when you’re forced to spend more than the expected time at the airport, there’s no reason why you should even feel guilty about spending a penny or two. Walk into any of the amazing stores such as Aurelia, Ubbana, W and more and get yourself some masterpieces. We like Aurelia for its contemporary ethnic wear, which will give you a great selection if you’re on your way to a wedding that you’re woefully under-prepared for.

Where: Terminal 1C {Post security check in}

Lakme Salon

There may or may not be a special occasion to attend upon your arrival at your destination, but what’s the harm in pampering yourself anyway? Head to Lakme Salon and gift yourself some me time, since that’s probably all you can do to bid adieu to the wait. We love Lakme for their twenty-minute long foot massages, a perfect way to gear up for a longer flight for INR 450.

Where: Terminal 1C {Post security and check-in}

Heaven On Earth: Spa Express

A delayed flight is a blessing in disguise if it lets you catch on some spa time. Be it your daily fatigue, long travels or simply the need to unwind, head to this spa for the perfect escape from all the chaos. This will be your ‘go to’ place to de-stress on-the-go. Here, you can avail of foot reflexology, upper back treatments, or a neck and shoulder massage.

Where: Terminal 1B {Post security check}


Be it a chicken bucket or a Zinger burger from KFC, food can be your friend during this eternal wait. The lines at KFC tend to be longer than at any other eatery, but that’s for obvious reasons. Head here or to any of your favourite eateries among the many that are spread across the terminals at the domestic airport. If you’re struggling to find a table, ask one of the attendants – one of them found us floating around with a Zinger burger and found us a table within thirty seconds.

Where: Terminal 1C {Post security check in}

Bargain Book Hut

There’s a reason why reading is considered to be one of the best hobbies one can possess, because it transports you into a whole new world. So head to Bargain Book Hut and grab a copy of a classic, a magazine or anything else than can easily distract you during your time in the air. We love the variety of books here, because we’ve stocked up on everything from crime fiction to tomes by Pulitzer Prize-winners here.

Where: Terminal 1B, {Post security check in, near gates 1-8}


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