This Artisanal Wonder In Khar Caters To All Your Healthy Food Needs

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With the slow shift towards a healthier lifestyle to survive the fast paced environment of Mumbai, everyone of us looking out for accessible, wholesome and healthy food options to survive our lethal routines. Deli By The Blue, a handcrafted venture from the stables of Out Of The Blue is a delivery-takeaway property that will cater to all your healthy, organic needs; all this while still sticking to being not-so-heavy on our pockets.

What Makes It Awesome

Staying healthy while dining out can be a cumbersome task. Portion sizes are often too large and many dishes that sound like smart choices are actually not. Entrepreneur Rahul Bajaj and Chef Vivek Swamy have teamed up for their newest venture- Deli By The Blue to effectively bridge the gap between yummy and healthy {oh yes, it exists}. 

We began our meal with some delicious gluten-free black chips and gluten-free Parmesan millet chips, and dug into some tantalizing Bhut Jolokia Hot Sauce priced at INR 225 {the chillies are actually sourced from Assam}, and some Honey Mustard. Our favourite though was the Vegan Cheese dip {who even thought of vegan cheese, priced at INR 400} that paired best with the black chips. What stole the show were specially handcrafted liquor chocolates filled with an option of Jack Daniel's, Amarula or Bailey's; pop one into your mouth and let it explode flavours!

We ordered the roasted peppers and cream cheese quiche, and what surprised us was that we could select a base of our own choice; and healthy at that. Pick from the regular, black rice or bajra at INR 120 and binge on your favourite quiches guilt-free.

The Deli has also collaborated with the wonder woman of desserts, pastry chef Anurita Ghosal to serve some of the best desserts we've tasted around town; and that too gluten free and most of them being diabetic friendly, so you can go all out and not be pulled down by the guilt of eating desserts! Our  favourite was the sugar-free chocolate nutty tart priced at only INR 190.


Deli By The Blue delivers until the wee hours of the morning, so if you're having midnight or post-party munchies, we'd recommend you hit 'em up for delicious yet healthy options to binge on.