Say Hello To Desktop Yoga, A Service That's Trying To Get You Fit At Office

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Yoga At Work is a service that believes work and health can go together – we explore the chances of us getting healthier while writing a brief.

What Is It?

A service that lets you work out in office with colleagues, while sitting on the chair or standing, Yoga At Work has formulated different forms of exercises, according to need, space and time. For example, if you can only spare 20 minutes, you can try their Rapid Yoga – exercises you can do in your office attire, while standing up.There’s also chair yoga, yoga on the move and Yoga OPD {focuses on the treatment of people with specific mental and physical conditions}.

So, We're Saying...

With our lifestyles becoming sedentary, thanks to all the technology at our disposal, this seems like a great way to channel energy in a positive way, while getting fit. Gather some work friends or drop a mail to HR, Yoga At Work can be reached here.

Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai