Oh Snap! Here's Where You Can Get Insta-worthy Desserts In SoBo

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A self-proclaimed 'hybrid cafe' tucked away in a corner of Charni Road, this all-veg dessert cafe is about as Insta-friendly as it gets. With a menu of photo-worthy desserts inspired by international trends from the US to the UK, this is a fun addition to SoBo's food scene.

What Makes It Awesome

A Sunday outing turned into a fun discussion on dessert trends around the globe and the excitement of trying something new versus the same old at Blendorama. A tiny 8-seater cafe that's taken root in one of Charni Road's busy bylanes, Blendorama shares street space with a number of other small eateries along the same stretch.

What makes Blendorama stand out, you might ask? Is it the dual-toned millennial pink and baby blue walls that draw inspiration from the cafes 'blending' concept, the almost DIY nature of their menu, or owner Amrit Nichani's effort to experiment and try out new dessert combinations inspired by his travels around the world while working for the family business? Maybe a bit of all three, we say. 

The concept behind Blendorama is one that's bound to appeal to its target audience - a mostly young crowd. Each of the items on their menu is a combination of two desserts like the Wonut (waffle+donut), Browniewich (brownie ice-cream sandwich), Cookie Shots (cookie cups with a mousse or ice-cream filling) and the oh-so-snappable Candyfloss Ice-cream Cone (candy floss + ice-cream). They've also got the ever popular milkshake and freakshake options too.

Here's what we tried (everything is customisable, so these are our personal picks!): Red Velvet With Mousse Mystique Cookie Shot, Candy Floss Ice Cream with Blueberry Candy Floss And Mintastica Ice-cream, and last of all, the Demolition Day Wonut. The Cookie Shot was pleasantly sweet with a hint of salt and a buttery finish, though we thought the mousse didn't quite live up to our chocolaty expectation. The candy floss was a punch of sugary sweetness with a strong blueberry flavour that paired very well with the minty freshness of the ice-cream. Lastly, the Demolition Day Wonut was crispy and chewy with a dense texture that comes from its two-step cooking process of baking and frying. Best of all, except for the candy floss, all the desserts had a great balance of flavour - the magic's in the little pinch of salt added to every dessert.

We also learned the cafe is planning new additions, including vegan options in the near future. They have in-store offers in place, plus if you keep an eye on their socials you're sure to find cool offers, especially for the student crowd. Prices are inclusive of all taxes - which we liked - and service charge is optional too and they've got a tip jar on the counter.

What Could Be Better

While the desserts were interesting and we loved the customisation, we'd love to see a couple of best-seller options on the menu for those of us who don't really love ALL THOSE OPTIONS. And maybe some coffee to go with the desserts. 


Check out their selfie corner with a cute pink bench and cuter font spelling out "Just Get Blended", where you can get a pic with their desserts before you tuck in.