Did You Know There's A Candle-Shaped Dessert In Town, And You Can Eat It Too?

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What Makes It Awesome

The all-vegetarian Quattro Ristorante in Lower Parel serves a deliciously bizarre dessert aka magical candle, and we can confirm that it indeed is a candle. And you can totally eat it. The dessert is basically a white chocolate candle, with a filling of milk chocolate pieces. It is chocolaty, and enough to feed one happy person {we were stuffed, and happy}.

What Could Be Better?

Make sure to have a light meal, because of this dessert, my friend, needs an appetite. Heads up, it is really sweet, so if you can't handle all that chocolate, we suggest you split it up.

Anything Else?

The dessert is priced at INR 345 {exclusive of taxes} and is totally worth a trip down to Lower Parel. Here you can blow your candle, and eat it too. Also, you can check the original post here - {https://instagram.com/p/BISi97hBboF/%7D.%3Cbr%3E%3Cbr%3E%7BPhoto?utm_source=LBB&ref=lbbpost Courtesy: @knowyourbite23 via their Instagram account}.

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