Healthy & Homely: Subscribe To These Monthly Meals If You Can't Cook

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Okay, guys – it’s now or never. If you succumb to ordering in a bag of fries and a burger for lunch today, you’re probably going to end up doing the same the whole week. Then soon it will become a month, and slowly – a year. Stop the madness before it starts and just call a healthy, delicious (yes, it is possible) dabba for lunch from any of these options here. These will keep your immunity up, while also keeping your body in shape! Good luck, friend. And godspeed.

Balanced Meal

Balanced Meal is great for all kinds of diets. They have various plans in healthy meals. They have regular meals, diet meals, and high protein meals. They have a combination of Indian and continental cuisines, so while you will have the dal, roti, sabzi, and rice, you will also have salads, soups and more. All the plans are neatly segregated as per requirements. You can choose from a small, regular economy or regular elite diet meal and pick how many meals you'd like per month. There's a choice for Monday to Friday or Monday to Saturday.

Cuisines Covered: Indian and Continental

Price: Starting at INR 2,207 for a month (excluding weekends)

Delivery areas: All over Mumbai. 


Greenz is a dabba service that caters to the health-conscious. It has a pocket-friendly and diverse menu offering healthy yet delicious Italian, Continental and Oriental cuisine which has been Indianised for the local palate. They offer the option of quick one-hour delivery, too!

Cuisines Covered: Varies, they've got bowl meals that are Chinese, Indian and Continental

Price: Boxes are priced between INR 250-280

Delivery areas: Malad to Cuffe Parade, and Mulund to Colaba.



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This service cooks all meals in copper vessels, since they're believed to have many health benefits. Always been a fan of homely food? HappyGrub serves up diabetic-friendly, Jain-friendly, healthy meals. You can pick your meal preference, duration (a week, a month, your call!) and there are pocket-friendly plans, too!

Cuisines Covered: Indian

Price: Boxes are priced between INR 105 to 145, delivery extra

Delivery areas: All over Bombay


If you're someone who's moved away from home turf, and are navigating Mumbai's madness alone... Spicebox will have you covered for healthy, home-style food. An extremely cost-effective option, Spicebox offers just the right quantity of food for one— 3 rotis, dal, rice, and sabzi, with a salad/raita/dessert, if you want. What makes them really special, though, is that the food comes in a microwave-friendly container. 

Cuisines Covered: Home-style Indian khaana

Price: INR 110 for Veg meals and INR 120 for Non-Veg meals.

Delivery Areas: All over Mumbai

Calorie Care

Calorie Care

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Calorie Care does tailor-made meals according to health requirements — down to diabetes, hypertension, weight loss, ketogenic, and low fat. They've got in-house deliveries, so that means your meal will reach you with no tampering whatsoever. The menus are designed by dietitians and nutritionists, and you can definitely ask them to serve you food that will keep your immunity up, in case that's an area of health you struggle with. 

Cuisines Covered: Home-style Indian khaana but also continental stuff for a healthy mix

Price: INR 150 onwards for vegetarian meals and INR 280 onwards for non-vegetarian meals.

Delivery Areas: All over Mumbai


Finally, getting serious about your fitness goals? ACTIVeat's meant for you. They, too, have meal plans for low fat, vegan, and keto diet plans. They don't repeat any dishes for a month, so there's a whole lotta variety! You can consult their nutritionist and come up with a personalized meal plan for yourself. It's gonna take some getting used to, though, because this is genuinely healthy food.

Cuisines Covered: Healthy food across cuisines, mostly fusion

Price: Slightly on the higher end - their monthly packages (2 meals) would cost you an average of 16K. Their one meal will however cost INR 300.  

Delivery Areas: All over Mumbai

Food Darzee

Food Darzee

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This service is specifically designed to deliver regular keto meals to you for the most effective weight loss results. You opt for a program with them with a duration of 4-12 weeks, in which they design a keto-friendly nutrition plan for you, giving you keto pizzas, keto-sushi, special keto rice (that doesn’t have much carbs), keto paranthas and more. There are also veggie-friendly options such as cauli rice, zucchini and cheese roti. 

Cuisines Covered: Indian, Continental, and Fusion food. 

Price: A 3-day meal plan gets you a breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner at INR 3,000.

Delivery Areas: All over Mumbai. 


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