Head To Persian Darbar To Dine In Royally At This Place

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What Makes It Awesome?

Searching a place for some quality food, but also looking for a place that gives a good quantity, you've reached the right place.
Persian Darbar serves some quality food in a pretty good quantity. Want to feel royal while munching on some delicious food, this place gives you a royal vibe. Beautiful decor with nice and subtle lighting. No loud music so you can enjoy your time over here.

1) Murgh Peshawari: The presentation of the dishes they serve over here isn't very good. If you're just looking for taste and not presentation then this is the right place for you. The chicken pieces were nice tender and juicy. Marinated to perfection. The paste on the chicken just enhanced the flavor of the chicken. Would really recommend the chefs to pay a little attention to the presentation of the dish.

2) Gosht Gajab ki Boti: A nice and filling dish, if you're a Mutton lover then you should go for this dish. There were 6 Mutton pieces most of them were perfectly cooked, only two of those were unevenly cooked, tender in some places and tough in some places. I really love Mutton having to taste this kind of texture differentiation made me upset a bit.

1) Alaska: A really adorable mocktail that you can go for. If you're into aesthetics of dish then you should go for this. Order this at the start of your meal and keep sipping on it till the end of your meal, since it's a frozen mocktail. Really liked the taste of it though. Would recommend going for this long-lasting drink.

2) Musky Mango: If you like the flavor of musk melon then you would really like this drink. The Mango flavor was a little overpowered by the musk melon flavor. The drink was heavily loaded with mints which made the drink into a musk melon Mojito. On the whole, if you like musk melon you would really love this drink.

Main course:
1) Chicken Shahi: A nice chicken main course dish to go for if you're not into spicy dishes. A dish especially for people who don't like or can't eat spicy food. The chicken gravy needed a little more seasoning, the chicken pieces were nice and tender, really liked this dish. Would recommend going for this dish.

1) Fruit salad with Icecream: To end it all had the fruit salad with Icecream, a nice and simple dish that you could go for at the end of your meal if you're full after having your entire meal.

On the whole, a beautiful and royal place to dine in. A place I would suggest to visit if you're in big groups. A nice and spacious outlet with beautiful decor. The staff also were nice and friendly and were able to suggest some really good dishes. Would recommend visiting this place.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group

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