This Gorgeous Store In Colaba Has Jewellery Starting At INR 50

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What Makes It Awesome

On one of our Colaba Causeway adventures, we stumbled upon Dior- The Antique shop inside the Metro Plaza. What's funny is that it isn't an antique shop anymore, but a full-fledged jewellery store that has a truckload of bling that will leave you dumbstruck. 

If you're wondering where this is, it's right inside Metro Plaza, the second shop on the left. The store is run by a father-son duo and has jewellery of all types here. You'll find neckpieces, earrings, sets, kundan sets, oxidized jewellery, anklets, bangles, bracelets for both men and women - you name it, they'll have it!

While browsing around, we came across a pair of earrings made of brass for just INR 50. Like this, there are so many other options that are available. We've known people who have gone to them with their clothes in tow, trying to find jewellery that matches and enhances their look. They've been lucky every single time.


Next time you’re out shopping at the Causeway, make sure to keep an eye out for Dior. The stock here changes often, and the guy manning the store makes sure something new is there for the customer. 


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