Ten-Second Takeaway

Dirghayu farms, an estate in Thane, lets you experience the rural life, and also lets you lounge around in a hammock.

What Is It?

A guided tour of an agricultural estate in Thane, Dirghayu farms could be your next potential break from the concrete jungle. They have a guided agricultural tour, a tractor ride, a bullock cart ride and tyre swings to complete the experience. Oh, and there’s boating, and dams that you can check out.

How Does It Work?

Ideal for a short break, you can choose to spend the day there, doing and understanding farming while being a step closer to nature. There’s also an option to stay over and make a weekend out of it. Their tariff starts at INR 1,300 and they have dorms and double occupancy rooms on offer.

How To Reach


The resort is situated on Bhatsa Dam Project Road, about 3km from Mumbai-Nashik highway on NH-3, and 82 kms {almost equidistant} from Mumbai and Nashik. One can easily travel by car.

Anything Else?

If you plan to make a weekend out of it, there’s beautiful dams, scenery and a temple to check out nearby.

Photos source : Dirghayu Farms