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Quirky Lighting Options To Brighten Up Your Diwali

Pretty lights hung up, bright yellow glow everywhere and the of course the good old diyas - the festival of lights - Diwali is back. And, if you've had enough of the painted diya or usual fairy lights, we've compiled offbeat options for lighting. Make your Diwali a little brighter (and a lot more unusual) with these interesting lights you can order online.

They aren’t traditional, yes, but they will guide you home.

Hot Air Balloon DIY Lights

These beautiful hot air balloon lights are a DIY project you can buy from Sky Goodies. Call you loved ones home, sit and assemble the pieces, hang it around an LED or CFL bulb, and voila, you have a lit-up hot air balloon! Get it here.

Price: INR 250 and upwards. 

#LBBTip: These lights come in multiple other shapes including diamonds, angels,  cute homes, butterflies etc. So, if parachute's not your thing, go for these. 

Themed Marquee Lights

For those who like a little funk, these marquee lights are just for you. They come in different themes as well including flamingos, pineapple, cactus, unicorns, star, ice-cream, rainbow, white snowflakes and many more. Get them here.

Price: INR 500 and upwards. 

#LBBTip: We'd say pick the best four themes and assemble them in a tiny corner for a 'wow' factor. Or spread across a wall to add some drama.  

Dreamcatcher With Lighting

All of us love dreamcatchers. They're a hassle-free piece of decor, they're cute and easily available. Well, we've spotted something that makes this cute little thing even better. A dreamcatcher that doubles as lighting as well. Apart from the usual tassels, this one has cute clouds as decor and lighting around. Place a few of these at your window or balconies and they're sure to grab attention. Buy them here

Price: INR 520. 

#LBBTip: The lights work through batteries. You'll have to purchase those additionally. 

Rustic Rope Themed Bulb

This one's a statement piece. If you're looking for something rustic or industrial style of decor, go for this piece of pendant lighting. This pendant lighting is ideal for those looking who have dark walls and looking to add a drama element. Or for those who are wanting to infuse a rustic and go for something completely offbeat, yet innovative. Buy it here

Price: INR 850 for one piece (exclusive of the bulb)

Retro Cassette Themed Lamp

Hosting a musical party this Diwali? Well, this lamp is something that fits perfectly. While we are all used to the Bluetooth speakers and listening to music online, this festive season take a walk down the memory lanes by bringing in these retro-themed lighting. Put it up on one of your shelves or the main living room table. Buy them here.

Price: INR 1,950

#LBBTip: They've even got a funky Indian themed cube light. Maybe add that too in your cart. 

Firework String Light

Love fireworks? What if we say you can experience those pretty things which you usually see up in the air, right in your living room. We've spotted the cutest firework themed lights which are sure to lite up your living room ceiling this festive season. Buy them here.  

Price: INR 1,700

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