Good Buoy: Take Your Pooch Swimming at This Pet Spa And Day Care Centre

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What Makes It Awesome

Doggiie Dog World is a pet wellness centre that has a swimming pool for dogs – and we’re taking our pooches there. Doggiie Dog World is a wellness center and daycare boarding for pets. They also have a pet spa where they’ll groom your furry friends with a bath, ear cleaning and nail clipping. They also have a basic grooming package that you can opt for to pamper your pooch.

Their pet swimming pool is the highlight of what they do. You dog can go for a swim in their swimming pool for INR 1,500 per session (half an hour) and it’s extremely beneficial for you dog’s fitness, weight loss, blood circulation and cardiovascular activity.

Did the dog get your head in a twist because of his disobedience? You can hit them up for obedience training to improve your dog’s house and social skills.


If you think you are unable to spend more time with your baby, taking him/her for a swim is a novel and fun idea.


Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai