Don't Forget To Order Community Drinks At Mitron

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What Makes It Awesome?

Exactly after a month, this was my second visit to Mitron. The vibes during my first visit were completely different since it was a Friday. A party place on a weekend. While this time it was a weekday, it was not that crowded, and the music was low.

Ambience wise, they have a bar at one end with high-chair seating to enjoy the drinks. They also have a sofa seating arrangement which is comfortable. The service was just about okay (both times), it can be a little better in terms of paying attention to the tables.

Coming to the F&B, we ordered,
-Mitron Masala: Drink made of Kokum syrup with chilly, jeera powder, chaat masala. The main highlight of this mocktail was the masala flavour in it. I loved it.
-Thandak: A simple mix of Grape and Cranberry Juice. It was very refreshing and perfect for the evening.

Both the mocktail looked the same unless you taste it. The presentation needs to be improved.

They have a section called Community drink on the menu. The quantity of the drink is almost double than the usual drink and is served in a fancy way. We went for this drink called Hulahul because I am a Vodka person. Beautifully presented cocktails in a conch shell which is their take on Hawaiian Punch. This drink had Vodka, Pineapple juice, Lemon Grass, Orgeat syrup, and Lime juice. Good enough to knock you down by the end of the drink.

-Anda Bhurji Nachos: A different way of serving. This dish had nachos with cheese and scrambled eggs. Garnished with a sunny-side-up Omelette on the top. The taste was unique and perfect to go along as a quick bite with the mocktails we ordered.
-Alti Palti Tawa Machli: Perfectly marinated and shallow fry surmai. It was soft and succulent.
-Roomali Prawns: Loved the way the marinated Prawns were wrapped in roomali roti and deep-fried.

Five pieces of Jumbo Prawns were served on a bed of lettuce with vinegar dressing. Topped with a little mayo to give that additional taste.

-Panne Pav Bhaji: Now this was interesting. Never had this kind of combination. The taste of pasta in Pavbhaji masala was yummy. It was served with chopped onions and a lemon wedge-like in a typical pav bhaji. Truly relishing.
-Chicken Threesome Rice: A yummy combination of spicy fried rice, noodles, and chicken in Schezwan gravy. High on the taste quotient.

-Cookie Dough Pizza: Being a dessert fan, I had to order this. Lovely Cookie Dough as the base, with Vanilla Ice-cream, Chocolate Ganache, KitKat and wafer biscuits. Loved it till the last bite. This dessert is supposed to be shared, since difficult for a single person to finish (even for a person like me).
-Rabdi Donut: This was a deadly amalgamation of Rabdi stuffed in a doughnut. The sweetness of the Rabdi and the doughnut together was just perfect. The classic Donut with cinnamon flavour with the Rabdi along with the fresh cream on the top was outstanding. It had some pieces of Papaya and Watermelon on the side. I loved it completely.

The vibe is completely different on a weekday as compared to the weekend. A party place on the weekend for sure. Community drinks are something you can’t afford to miss here. Good food at an affordable price. Best to go out with a group of friends and enjoy.

What Could Be Better?

Service could be a little better.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Bae

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