Craving Some South Indian? The Dosas At Govinda's Come Straight From The Gods

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Want to try dosas straight from heaven? Then Govinda’s in Chowpatty is the place to be at for a heavenly south Indian affair.

Dosas Galore

Govinda’s is famous for its mouthwatering food. In fact, you won’t even feel that you’re eating food with no onion and no garlic over here! Their specialty item, though, is their in-house, special dosas! Try the Gehevaran – a combination of diced marinated paneer, green capsicum and soy sauce or indulge in their Khadirvan which has the goodness of cheddar, cabbage, capsicum, mayo and schezwan sauce {sounds yummy, right?}. There is also a dosa mixed with their house favorite cheddar, fresh cream mayo, lettuce and a very interesting and unique cashew gravy named the Mahavan. And if you want something simple and tasty, then do try the Neer Dosa. Interestingly, they’re also famous for their fondues, pizzas and more.

So We’re Saying…

With a temple darshan and good food, Govinda’s and their dosas will guarantee you a divine experience!


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