Life Skills 101: Here's Where To Learn Driving In Mumbai

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Looking for the lowdown on where to sign up for driving lessons? We've curated a list of the top driving schools in the city that will get you ready to navigate and face Mumbai's traffic head-on. Ready, set, drive!

Maruti Driving School

This is one of the most popular driving schools in Mumbai, and we hear it gives some of the best coaching to students before they start on their own vehicles. With various branches throughout the city, they ensure students are well versed in both the theoretical as well as practical aspects of driving. 

#LBBTip- they have virtual driving simulators too!

When – 7 days a week

Cost - INR 4,300 onwards

Goodluck Motor Training School

In business since 1967, this motor school has been giving lessons to new drivers and has grown to be one of the most popular driving schools in South Mumbai. They’re old school, effective and ensure that you leave once you learn it all! They even help in getting a learner’s license, right from teaching you how to drive to assisting you during the license application process. 

When - 5 days a week

Cost - INR 2,500 onwards

Edwins’ Art of Driving

Edwin’s driving institute in Mumbai provides you with personalized driving lessons and caters to business people, housewives, students, corporate people, senior citizens, and physically challenged people too. From hatchbacks to SUVs and Sedans, they have driving lessons on all types of cars. 

#LBBTip – they also give you lessons in defensive driving techniques!

When - will be customised to suit your schedule 

Cost - will be customised as per your needs 

Excellent Driving School

This driving school was established in 2003 and has highly skilled instructors who ensure that all students learn the fine art of driving before hitting the roads. The training methods used are modern and well-developed, and they take care to stay updated with the latest trends and practices. They have theory classes once a week. They also help provide license assistance. 

When – 5 days a week, closed on Thursdays

Cost - INR 3,300 onwards

Andheriwala Motor Training School

This driving school is situated in Jogeshwari (and not Andheri) and has been around close to 2 decades. Locals from the neighbourhood find this driving school to be a trusted one, and swear by the learning methods and safety procedures that are followed here. We hear this driving school ensures you leave only after you’ve learnt it all.

When - 5 days a week

Cost - INR 4,500 onwards 

Ajay Motor Driving School

This school in Malad has been around since 1972, and is one of the most popular ones in the neighborhood. They provide classes in both theory and practical aspects of driving, and also help you with  getting your license.  They can teach you in your own car in case you do not wish to learn in their car. They also provide crash courses in driving. 

When - 7 days a week

Cost - INR 2,500 onwards 

Bhogilal Motor Training School

Located in Bandra, this driving school gives driving lessons to those in the neighbourhood. They teach on different car models. They are known for providing safe, reliable and expert services that ensure you learn the technicalities of driving. 

When - 5 days a week 

Cost - 2,000 INR onwards 


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