Ten-Second Takeaway

Want to have six delicious items for breakfast in just INR 99? Head To Hungry Duck at Pali Naka or Malad and make the most of this amazing offer starting soon every Sunday.

Chow Down

09092016_hungryduck_ap4This can come across as a prank but it really isn’t. Even we were rather appalled upon hearing that starting soion, every Sunday Hungry Duck at Pali Naka and Malad will give six lip-smacking items for just INR 99. Vegetarians can look forward to a veg cutlet, veg burger, veg kebab roll, bun and butter, house sweet and tea/juice. Non-vegetarians, you’re going to love this- look forward to either fried egg, pork sorpotel/ pork chilli fry, chicken/ meat/ tongue burger, house sweet, tea/juice or, fried egg, ham/ bacon/ sausage, duck burger, chicken sesame toast {two pieces}, bun and bread, tea/juice. And both of these selections can be availed for just INR 99. Now isn’t that what you call a fantastic deal?

The offer will begin at 7am and close at 11am every Sunday, so make sure you go here soon to be avail the offer the fastest. You better have a huge appetite for this one, because even though the dishes may not be full-sized, they will still have good enough quantity {imagine a medium-sized burger, medium portion of sorpotel, etc.}.

So, We’re Saying…

An offer like that is hard to refuse and we’d be silly to even think of not going here. the owner plans to have this started in a couple of weeks, so we’d say go here on a Sunday and start your day on a happy stomach. You will thank us later.

Photos: Athul Prasad/LBB