Put A Sock On It! Toss Out Your Boring Old Socks For Playful Pairs from Dynamocks

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What Makes It Awesome

Bring in a lil’ bit of spark into your life with these super cute and artistic socks made by Dynamocks. They've got real options for design-oriented socks which add a dash of art to 'em feet, making you tip-toe away in glee all day. The founders of Dynamocks come with one philosophy: to spread awareness of options when it comes to buying socks and bring freshness to the ever so dull sock compartment in your closet. They offer wearable art and we gotta admit, we love that!

Mixing graphics, media, paintings, and other artwork suobmissions, Dynamocks choses artwork that connects them to their users in a world of contemporary fashion. While doing so, they do not compromise on comfort and there are 3 options from which you can choose: crew socks, invisibles and quarter-ankle socks.

They also have a range of solid colour socks and hilarious artwork for the days you feel bold. Our favourites were the Beer socks and the Samosa socks with beers and samosas flying all over!

Not only do they provide variety but also combinations of 4 to 6 socks, costing between INR 400 - INR 800, so that you can swap your oldies for a splash of colour!

Pro Tip:

If you plan on buying these socks, try out 2 pairs at first, as then they would qualify for free shipping. Happy shopping to you!


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