Shutters Up, Forks Out: Where To Eat In Mumbai Before Sunrise

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Whether we’re in the mood to get an early start to the day, or the previous night’s activities have made that decision for us, we love living in Mumbai because there’s always a place to grab a bite at the crack of dawn. From South Indian goodies to freshly baked rolls, here are our favourite Mumbai restaurants to hit up before the sun comes up.

Hotel Ramashray, Matunga

Opening at 5 AM, the crowds lining up outside Hotel Ramashray at dawn are a testament to its popularity. We had to wait around 20 minutes for a table, but it was worth it. However, only certain food items are available early in the morning. With no printed menu, the dishes are written on a wall, along with the day’s special. We quite liked their concept of sharing tables, though it may not be the ideal situation for when privacy is needed. Amidst the chaos, the waiters have a systematic way of running things, so we got our food within minutes.

What To Eat: We recommend the popular dishes like ghee dosa, idlis, upma, and filter coffee. Do not forget to try their pineapple or mango sheera, it’s a part of the Ramashray experience. 

Price: INR 150 onward

Payment: Cash only

A1 Bakery, Bandra

This one opens at 5:45 AM, but it’s still worth a stop. It’s visited by local aunties stocking up on loaves of bread, as well as runners looking for a post-workout carb load. The place does not offer seating but that doesn’t stop people from standing near-by and gorging on the rolls.

What To Eat: We loved A1 Bakery for its delicious chicken kathi rolls, chicken puffs, cutlets, and a varied range of croissants. 

Price: INR 20 onward

Payment: Cash Only

P.S: Be wary, parking is an issue.

Shree Muthappan Eating House, Bhandup

Another one that opens at 5 AM, Shree Muthappan makes you wait for a table for around 20 minutes, but its worth it.Though the menu offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes alike, they only serve appam and coffee for breakfast-goers till 11 AM. 

What To Eat: We loved the appams here, and it's their signature dish. 

Price: INR 180 onward

Payment: Cash only

P.S: With very little room for parking outside and the waiting time, we’re planning on reaching slightly earlier next time, at say 4:45 AM.

Welcome Restaurant, Panvel

We discovered Welcome Restaurant on our way to Goa. Easily accessible off the Mumbai-Goa highway before Panvel, this one opens at 5 AM, and is our favourite stop on the way to weekend destinations along the coastline. The menu items are a little over-priced for what is a very basic menu, they do offer some decent Mughlai and Chinese cuisine. Welcome Restaurant is a highway dhaba, so we were ready for the plastic chairs, food market ambience and milling families.

What To Eat: For breakfast, try their keema pav, egg bhurji pav, omelette and bun maska, with a choice of tea or coffee. 

Price: INR 50 onward

Payment: Cash only

Sarvi, Byculla

This iconic eatery is just as sleepless as this city is. Sarvi is packed with people enjoying their meat kebabs that are soft in parts and crunchy in parts. If you're in for some carbs in the morning, then you've landed yourself at the right place, we'd say. 

What To Eat: Crispy Tandoori Rotis, Kheema Ghotala, paaya soup.

Price: INR 300 onward

Payment: Cash only

P.S: Even though this eatery opens a tad bit late (7AM) it still is worth your visit, and money. 

Koolar & Co, Matunga

Another iconic gem in the bylanes of Matunga, Koolar & Co is known for it's pocket-fridndly but scrumptious meals. Their deliciously tasty Irani chai and bun-maska combination is just the right amount of goodness the soul needs. We also love their super tasty keema-pav, which most patrons are fans of. Also, didi you know that they have 10 different varieties of maggi? Our favorite's the chicken and cheese flavor. 

What To Eat: Go there for their mouthwatering kheema-pav, bun-maska, Irani chai and akhuri and other egg preparations. 

Price: INR 200 onward

Payment: Cash or card

P.S: Again, opens after sunrise only (7AM) but how does that matter when you're getting a trip to food heaven? 


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