No Veggies At Home? Whip Up Quick Recipes Which Don't Need Them

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With an overbearing lockdown filled with uncertainty, a hunt for vegetables is the last thing we need. Making a meal is difficult as is, but making it without vegetables seems impossible. We’ve whipped up some simple recipes for you to survive on with no vegetables by your side. Here’s to some easy trial and error!

Khachapuri Georgian Cheese Bread

What You Require: All-purpose flour, dry active yeast, milk, oil, sugar, cheese (of your choice), eggs, butter and salt.

Time Required: 60 minutes

A Georgian delicacy, this bread filled with warm melting cheese has brought our wildest cravings to reality. With soft bread surrounding a pool of cheese and an egg, you can dip your bread pieces into the cheese and have a ball. Not to mention, this can finally help you start baking, as making bread is good practice.


What You Require: Thalipeeth Flour mix, green chillies (optional), oil, water and salt.

Time Required: 15-20 minutes

A spicy flatbread of sorts, this one is super healthy and quick and easy to make. A Maharashtrian delicacy, it is made with multigrain flour and spices. Its readymade thalipeeth peeth (flour mix) is also easily available in any grocery store. You can pair your thali peeth with fresh curd, pickle or thetcha (ground chillies).

Khaman Dhokla

What You Require: Besan, rava (semolina), baking soda or Eno, water, everyday spices, salt oil and water

Time Required: 15 minutes

Khaman dhokla is a great afternoon snack. Pair it with chutney or ketchup or have it plain, it won’t disappoint. Made with besan, semolina (rava), baking soda and some regular spices, it is super healthy and filling as well. If you can’t find the ingredients, some stores also sell ready to make packets for Dhokla which you can mix with water and make directly. You can steam it in the cooker or make it in the microwave as well. You can also swap the baking soda with Eno and you’re good to go!

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

What You Require: All-purpose flour (maida), sugar, milk, egg, mozzarella, bread crumbs and oil

Time Required: 30 minutes

Indulge in gooey cheese sticks enveloped in a golden crust with this easy-to-make recipe. These sticks are very reminiscent of McCain and can be replicated at home for a quick snack. What’s more is that you can customise it to what you like, add spices or other ingredients. Have it with ketchup or green chutney or as is and you’re all set.

P.S.: You can also substitute eggs for flax seeds.

Maharashtrian Pitla (Besan Curry)

What You Require: Gram flour (or chickpea flour), spices, ginger garlic paste, chillies and onion (optional).

Time Required: 15-20 minutes

Probably the easiest dish to make quickly, Pitla is a highly nutritious curry made with gram flour (can also use chickpea flour), onions and a chilli tadka (increase if you don’t have chillies). It is comfort food for many and served popularly as “Zhunka Bhakri” in Maharashtrian eateries. You can have this curry with rice or chapati. It can also be stored for 2 days. 

Adai Dosa

What You Require: Dosa Rice, Toor Dal, Chana Dal, Urad Dal, Moong Dal, Methi Seeds, Dried Kashmiri Red Chilli/Chilli Powder, onion, ginger garlic paste, spices and oil.

Time Required: 15-20 minutes

The recipe for Adai dosa is really forgiving. You can skip on toor dal, you can even loosen the batter and make it similar to neer dosa or rava dosa. You can also make your dosa spicier by adding more chilli powder, or add any other masala of your choice. You can pair it with chutney for your morning breakfast or have a hearty dinner, there are so many options!

P.S.: You need to soak your dal 5-6 hours before making the dish.

Chocolate Churros

What You Require: All-purpose flour (maida), butter, sugar, eggs, oil and dark chocolate and whipping cream.

Time Required: 20-30 minutes

Tired of eating overly expensive churros with small servings? Try this recipe and make them for yourself. These are very easy to make and a great way to learn cooking. You can dip them in the ganache or fill the ganache inside the churros. 

Sooji Veggie Squares

What You Require: Sooji (Semolina), leftover veggies (if any), boiled potatoes, cheese, green chillies and oil. 

Time Required: 20-25 minutes

These veggie squares have upma as their base. You can add any vegetables of your choice to it, or skip them altogether. You can also make them spicier and have it as a side dish with rice during your meals.

Quinoa Paneer Patties

What You Require:  Quinoa, raw banana, peanuts, mint leaves, coriander leaves, ginger, everyday spices

Time Required: 40-50 minutes

Put the patties in-between burger buns to make a quick burger, dip it in green chutney or serve it just as it is, however you decide to serve them, these make for a great snack. Not to mention, super healthy too.

Gur Para

What You Require: All purpose flour, Sooji (semolina), jaggery (gur), oil and water

Time Required: 40 minutes

Gur Para is a traditional Punjabi snack which is light, sweet and tasty. It is very easy to make and really great to try if you have a sweet tooth. Make it when you're looking for a sweet treat and don't mind deep frying.


What You Require: chickpeas (chole), garlic, olive oil, tahini, cumin and salt. 

Time Required: 10 minutes

Hummus is a really nutritious snack which you can prepare in a jiffy. It also has a good shelf life and can be paired with any sort of bread. We personally like to add beetroot to our hummus to make it even tastier, bit plain hummus tastes just as great. If you like the taste to be a bit tangy, you can increase the lemon in it. Don’t forget to soak the chickpeas a night before!


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