Regal (and Easy!) Recipes For Cooking With The King of Fruits

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Not gonna lie, mangoes are about the only thing that are keeping us semi-sane while we stay quarantined. I’m sure most of us have stockpiled the King of Fruits by the dozen, all separated and organized by varying levels of ripeness, and we’re all eating mangoes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. And while the indulging has made a significant dent in the number of mangoes we have stocked at home, sometimes way too many go ripe together. Or sometimes, you want to experience the mango in more ways than one. Lucky for you, we have a few!

Here’s how to incorporate mangoes in these easy AF recipes!

Mango Ice Cream (Or Nice Cream!)

This one’s something we’ve eaten all our lives, and it’s surprisingly easy to make! All you need is a blender, some ice, and some full-fat doodh. You can healthify it, too! Make it with coconut milk, and don’t add any sugar.

Here's a simple recipe!

Mango Pudding Or Panna Cotta

Not too different from a Panna Cotta, a mango pudding holds its shape more and isn’t frozen. It’s more mango-ey than a mango ice cream. We love a mango pudding when we’re feeling a little fancy!

And it doesn’t hurt that it’s EASY AF.

Mango Cake

Why not, amirite? This luscious, yet eggless cake is easy to bake, if you have an oven. Soft, satisfying and amazing with coffee and chai. It’s the kind of recipe that really shows how versatile the mango really is. If you're the average Desi kid, you've definitely loved these.

Thai Mango Salad

Alright, stay with us on this one - this sweet, tangy and savoury salad is more-ish, easy to prepare and so healthy, yo! Have it for lunch and dinner, and you’ll be satiated, and completely guilt-free. This is also a great way to show off those dormant cooking chops! Recipe yahaan hai.

Mango Chicken Curry

Stay with us on this one, too, please! We promise it goes SUPER well with rice, some pickle and some papad. It’s an unlikely combination, but it truly is a winner. It’s pretty easy to prepare, too, and is great if you’re a hard-core meat-eater who appreciates mangoes.

Here's how you can cook this up!

Mango Frozen Cocktail

Garmi hai yaar, ek thanda cocktail toh banta hai na? We've all been doing all this housework, too. This frozen cocktail is delicious, very simple and very refreshing. Serve this up to your quarantine buddies on a weekend afternoon, with lunch, and you're sure to impress. Here's how to make it!

Mango Phirnee

Ghoom phir ke yahi aa gaye. This mango-fied take on the classic dessert is a hit if you love the cooling, earthy taste of phirnee, and if you also love how unbelievably uncomplicated the recipe is. You need minimal ingredients, and your trusty fridge basically will be doing most of the work here.

Recipe here.

Mango Falooda

If you've got all the ingredients at home, this slightly time-consuming recipe is totally, totally worth the effort. Cooling, rich and sinful, a falooda is all you need to chillax. This iconic dish is great for that mid-week lull and/or a weekend indulgence. Brownie points for everyone who serves it in a tall, sleek glass!

Recipe here.

Mango Sheera/Rava Kesari

Sheera/rava kesari is warm, soothing, and might even pass off as "healthy" if our moms are anything to go by.  The recipe is amazingly versatile, too! We've seen it work wonders with pineapple, haven't we? It works just as well with mangoes and is a great way to use up the mangoes you've got at home.

Here's how to make it!

Mango Chia Pudding

Healthy hone ki koshish jaari? Whip up a lovely, healthy AF Mango Chia Pudding for that weekday breakfast you don't want to sweat over. It's suspiciously simple, and the chia seeds cut right through the mango's heaty-ness. You can easily vegan-ize this, too!

Here's how to whip one up!


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