Kickstart Your Day With These 8 Easy To Make, Nutritious Breakfasts At Home

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We’ve done our fair share of experimenting with food and to be honest, it has become exhausting. To plan and execute one meal a day is an achievement, but to make 3 meals is just terrifying! We’ve collected a bunch of recipes for you to start your day easy with some delicious breakfast.

Here’s to not having leftovers in the morning: 

Souffle Pancakes

Time Required: 30-45 minutes

What You Need: Eggs, milk, vegetable oil, vanilla essence, baking powder, sugar and water.

Souffle pancakes are all about the eggs. These thick clouds will look too beautiful on your plate and you’d just not want to bite into them. You can top it up with fresh whipping cream, maple syrup or berries. It was super easy to make them for us, but now we’re just staring at our plates. 

Also try easy banana pancakes!

French Toast

Time Required: 10 minutes

What You Need: 2 eggs, brown sugar, milk, cinnamon powder, thick-sliced bread (sandwich bread), butter and maple syrup.

We miss early morning breakfasts in the quaint cafes of Mumbai, and we tried to recreate a feeling of those yummy dishes at home. This French Toast was relatively simple to make. Not to mention, we didn’t make a complete mess in the kitchen.

Poha Chilla

Time Required: 30 minutes

What You Need: Rice Flakes (Poha), semolina, yoghurt, ginger, oil, everyday spices, curry leaves, onion, chillies, peanuts, coconut chutney/grated coconut and salt. 

We were surprised by how tasty this one was, considering all the ingredients. It also goes really well with chai and we especially make it as a part of our evening snacks. You can also skip the onions if you don’t have any, it tastes just as good! 

Hash Browns

Time Required: 30 Minutes

What You Need: Potatoes, all-purpose flour, cheese, 1 egg, garlic, coriander, everyday spices, oil and salt

Potatoes. What a beautiful concept. You can bake it, boil it, mash it or fry it. Our favourite way to eat potatoes is making hash browns. It is pretty easy to make and doesn’t take as much time, or ingredients. 

Overnight Oats

Time Required: 5-10 minutes

What You Need: Oats/Muesli, cinnamon, chia seeds, any nut butter of your choice (we use peanut butter), milk, fruit and any sweetener (optional, we use a chocolate syrup).

This dish will probably get your digestive system right on track. Extremely nutritious and filling, they are very easy to make and you can add anything to your oats to make it tasty. Plus, you can refrigerate it for up to 5 days! 

Protein Bars

Time Required: 10-15 minutes

What You Need: Peanut Butter, Oatmeal, Honey, Protein Powder, Flaxseed meal, coconut oil, chocolate chips, Nuts, Dried Berries

Protein bars are surprisingly filling and also help us power through the day. Not to mention, you can add anything to your bar and customize it. It doesn’t require much work and can be stored for days. 

Likewise, you could also opt for a granola bar too!

Smoothie Bowls

Time Required: 15-20 minutes

What You Need: Fruits or chocolate as your base taste, milk of your choice, nuts, granola and seeds.

Smoothie Bowls are very easy to make and an easy way out when you don’t want to cook. If you have leftover fruits or just want a sweet bowl of yumminess, try a smoothie bowl. 

Spicy Pancakes

Time Required: 30 minutes

What You Need: Sooji (Raw Semolina), yoghurt, vermicelli (sevaiya), everyday spices, ginger-garlic paste, rice flour, coriander, leftover veggies, oil and water

These pancakes are similar to Aloo patties, but rather nutritious, light and healthy. They can be made quickly and don’t require much finesse. You can also use leftover vegetables from your refrigerator and customize your pancakes with different spices.


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