Ten-Second Takeaway

Vashi’s newest eatery, FRIPS, is a multi-cuisine restaurant with a full bar service, so go here if you feel like a easy-on-the-pocket dinner with a couple of drinks.

Chow Down

FRIPS is an amalgamation of Firki, Riso, Ithaka, Panayaa- the eateries owned by the founders. And this new Vashi outlet is a perfect place for those who love variety and yet want something cost-efficient. Offering Mexican, Italian, Indian, Chinese and South Indian, FRIPS plans to open multiple outlets across Mumbai. The inspiration behind FRIPS, we’re told, is to make everyday dining quirky, elegant and gourmet without a pinch on your pocket. Taking familiar food and making it more interesting, each dish is given a makeover and a renewed taste.


Signatures of all of their restaurants will be served here, along with a wide variety for you to choose from. So look forward to some jalapeno sticks, cheese burst garlic bread, triple the fun rice and a whole lot more vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. They also have a full bar service, so go ahead and get yourself a drink. And the best part is that a meal for two will cost you approximately INR 850.

So, We’re Saying…

If you’re up for hogging on a variety of dishes, then make your way to FRIPS at Vashi for a fun evening.

Photos courtesy: FRIPS