Chomping Glory: Here's What You Should Eat At King's Circle

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Some of the city’s oldest and coolest eateries are housed within the 360-degree space that we know as King’s Circle. Here, we’ve picked our favourite ones from around the circle that we think you must try.

Café Madras

This place needs no introduction. An iconic 75-year-old eatery, Café Madras is known to make the most delicious ragi dosa {crispy and yum}, upma podi, bisibele baat, and amazing filter coffee. Go here for your breakfast and you won’t regret it. Oh, and don't forget to pig out on their sambhar, it's divine! 

Café Mysore

And the case with Café Mysore is no different. You might have to share a table {yes, table-sharing has been a thing here for years}, but you won’t regret it because a spoon of the pineapple upma will transport you to a whole new world. Also try their rasam-vadas, idli gadbad and neer dosa. Don't forget to end your meal with a piping hot cup of filter coffee. 

Amba Bhavan

If you love a well made Mysore masala dosa, then you will love Amba Bhavan. Ideal for those looking at having a quick bite {their service is really fast}, this place makes fresh and piping hot idlis you will want to come back for. Also, try their upma which is known to be quite good.

Health Juice Centre

A good break from the south Indian trail, Health Juice Centre is known for its freshly made juices and shakes, along with those delicious sandwiches for munchies and kulfis for dessert {okay, not all that healthy, but tasty as hell}. Their juices, though, are very healthy and we’d say opt for king blossom, melon punch or the papaya orange among many others. Their shakes, too, are delicious but those sandwiches are the real deal. A full meal, we say! 

Dairy Don

As much as King’s Circle is famous for its south Indian eateries, it also houses ice-cream parlours and dessert outlets in abundance around the circle. And if we thought the shakes at Health Juice Centre were amazing, Dairy Don will blow your mind with its Surat-style coco milk- which is available in over 10 variants. Moreover, all of their other milkshakes too are equally well-made and are really heavy. 

Just Chill 7

Formerly known as Seven Eleven, Just Chill 7 gives you the most delicious ice-creams {softies, actually}, which have been tasting the same for years at end. If you would really love to have a softy in varieties of flavours, given in a big cone, you know where to go. Head out here in case you're craving dessert for lunch! 

Koolar & Co

Who doesn’t know this Irani joint? Rather, who doesn’t love this Irani cafe? There’s nothing about Koolar & Co we don’t like, and in fact, if you feel like a pocket-friendly but scrumptious meal, it won’t get better than this. Go there for their mouthwatering kheema-pav, bun-maska, Irani chai and akhuri and other egg preparations. 


You can also check out Rama Nayak Udipi, Anand Bhavan, Udipi Idli House and Ayyapan Idli House – the possibilities are endless.


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