Eating Breakfast Is Too Mainstream: Now You Can Drink Your Breakfast

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    What Makes It Awesome

    I recommend this because I'm not the only one who always skips breakfast. Zago - The Breakfast Shake is an on-the-go meal for all those who don't find time to prepare their breakfast and skip thoughtlessly. The best part that I liked about these breakfast shakes is that I can carry them in my bag and they're available in three flavours that taste so good when chilled: almond, chocolate and mango! And well of course, I loved the cute bottles. Not to forget, the cherry on the icing is that they contain oats that keeps you filled for longer and provides you with the necessary nutrients.

    What's My Pro Tip

    Now, you don't need the summer to drink a mango breakfast, you can have it throughout the year. Mango lovers should definitely try the Mango Breakfast Shake. A pack of six {250ml each} is available of INR 262 {exclusive of taxes}.
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