Sneak Into The IIT Campus And Chow Down At Five Of Their Best Canteens

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When every other eatery shuts down, canteens wake up to life. Serving food as late as 3:30am into the night, canteens are an integral part of every student’s life at IIT Bombay. The fifth meal of the day, the late-night snack, something for the midnight munchies – the canteens have them all for you. For a small amount of INR 50-70, you can get yourself an appetising meal. Here we list down the five canteens to definitely check out if you happen to be inside the campus by chance.

Hostel – 6

This canteen has a fashionable lounge having couches and bucket seats and even a bed to lie down on while sipping down a Paper Boat. Alternatively, there is outdoor seating available by the garden too. Regular favourites are the Burma toast {INR 30}, gobi paratha {INR 15}, masala egg {INR 20} and chicken cheese fried Maggi {INR 45}.

Hostel – 7

Overlooking the Powai Lake on the west-side, this hostel has hammocks in the canteen seating area. While the food it being prepared, it’s not a bad idea to put your feet up for a while and have the schezwan noodles {INR 35} or its popular variants.

Hostel – 3

The dal fry and jeera rice {INR 55} combo is definitely worth a shot here. Other bestsellers include the newly-introduced tagda Maggi {INR 35}. In theory, you could add the adjective tagda to any food item in these canteens as they make sure they make it tagda enough – adding cheese, vegetables and a lot of bhujia.

Hostel – 8

Located very close to another eatery called Brews & Bites that is popular for its coffee variants, pizzas with insane cheese burst and garlic bread, this canteen serves egg fried rice {INR 35}, which is very popular among the students.

Hostel – 12,13,14

The common canteen for these newly-constructed hostels is called The Cone, because of the conical structure on its top. It is an underground canteen and is famous for the 30+ different types of dosa and South Indian cuisine {INR 30 upward} that no other canteen offers.

Every hostel canteen has got something unique to offer and two notable mentions would be the customisable frankies of Hostel – 1 {where obviously tagda frankie is a superhit!} and the Hostel – 5 canteen that has quite a few cats and kittens playing around. Surely a ‘Cat Café’ of its own kind inside the campus! Lastly, if you’re lucky and mangoes are around, you’ll get superb Aam Ras in all the canteens for quite cheap.

The tricky part is to find someone who can help you get inside the campus and then the world is yours to explore!


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