Eco Bowls, Totes & Natural Baby Wraps: This Label Will Help You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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What Makes It Awesome?

We live in a period where we question the availability of Earth’s natural resources, and its gross misuse by millions of humans. Fortunately, there is always balance, and there exist a vast number of people who have realised that it is their responsibility to give back to Mother Nature by not using up her natural resources, and in the process promote sustainable living.

Almitra is one such company that has focused on making products that are resusable, and recyclable and in the process reduce your carbon footprint. Take the example of their resuable straws that are made of either copper or bamboo – both eco-friendly materials that can be used for long periods of time. If cleaned regularly, the straws can look as good as new. And what’s amazing is that these products are affordable ranging from anything in between INR 80 and INR 120. One may think it’s spending so much on a straw, but think about the amount you would spend on a box of plastic straws only to throw them out and never use them again.

In addition to straws, Almitra also sells totes, and bamboo toothbrushes at affordable rates which can totally help change your lifestyle for the better. 

Almitra also targets new mothers by selling handwoven baby wraps that are made by Indian artisans. In this case, the company not only promotes sustainable living, but gives a chance for locals to earn money for their families. Also, did you know that using a baby wrap to keep your child close to you, much like a kangaroo does with her joey is a massive immune boost for the child? 

They also make wooden combs for as low as INR 150 and each product comes in eco-friendly packaging, so it’s the real deal here, guys. Apart from this, they also have some interesting soaps, two particular pieces that caught our attention are their chocolate soap priced at INR 180 that is pure cocoa and their tomato soap which is vegan and cold-pressed. 

We feel that this is exactly what we need to look at to improve our own style of living and push for a better future. Who’s with us?

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

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