Head Over To This Small Joint Which Serves A Versatile Variety Of Egg Dishes

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What Makes It Awesome?

I am a very big fan and an egg lover. I just love to eat an egg every day. They are the best part of my breakfast and a healthy option. The other reason I eat them is that they are high on protein. It's been years I was eating the same old kind of egg preparation with just different masala at different places but there was no drastic change.

Then a friend suggested - The White Potatoa. The different varieties and kind of preparation they offer and charge reasonably got me interested. I was so tempted to visit this place, thus one evening I made a plan with my group of friends who love eating egg and visited this place in Thakur village.

This is a small joint with 5 tables for sitting with indoor and outdoor sitting both. They also have space for parking on the street. The owner was there and he was well aware of all the items they were serving with great knowledge of how are they are prepared and what goes into each dish. So he was a great help in the suggestion of our order, basically he did all the order we were just eating and enjoying all the dish that came to our table.

All the dishes were unique and were prepared with great attention. The taste and the egg were superb and it's something which you will be in love with at the first look. They looked mesmerising and we all were drooling over it. All the dishes were served with butter pav and salad along with it. I just loved each and every bite of it. I was so happy that I wanted to eat more but then my stomach gave up.

Planning to visit them again soon, with a large group so I can order more and try more varieties from their menu.
They have a great menu.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Pets, Kids, Family.

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