All The Dishes With Eggs Is What You Need The Most

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What Makes It Awesome?

Ministry of Eggs in Bandra is a restaurant that stands out because of its unique menu. And all dishes have one common ingredient: Eggs!

Making egg the star of each dish, Ministry of Eggs serves a variety of dishes cooked with eggs. The taste and style of each dish are unique.

We had:

Egg Paaplet: 5/5
A jumbo omelette filled with spicy egg gravy, topped with green masala tadka and overloaded with cheese. This is served with salad and bread. This was our favourite dish here. Packed with a punch, this omelette is a blast on your tongue.

Egg Biryani: 5/5
Fragranced basmati rice with Indian spices served with boiled eggs and raita. We love this one as it has the perfect balance of spices and is the quintessential Anda Biryani you'd ask for.

Egg Lahori: 5/5
With red gravy made with spices, tomatoes, egg yolk and cheese, this dish is unique and doesn't taste or smell of eggs at all. It's an amazing gravy served with pav and salad and house special green chutney. Highly recommended.

Australian Fry: 3.5/5
Half fry made with yolk based cheese gravy with boiled eggs and served with bread and salad. For all the cheese lovers, this is the go-to dish.

Lasan Fry: 4/5
Packed with loads of garlic, this is sunny side up topped with green garlic gravy and spices. This one is great for its lasan flavour and is filling too.

All these dishes were made with one common ingredient, yet were so different. Each dish was unique to its own and these are just 5 dishes we tried. We're sure the remaining ones are as innovative as these and we're dying to try them all.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

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