Veggie Delight: 8 Joints In Mumbai That Serve Jain Burgers

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Ten-Second Takeaway

We realise that burgers and vegetarian don’t really go hand in hand for most of us, but hey, we love food, don’t we? If you’re the kind that likes to experiment, a Jain burger should also be in your ‘things to try’ list. We’re here to help you bust that myth with these delicious hand-crafted burgers that might not be meaty, but sure do pack a punch.

The Rolling Pin

This popular confectionary has an absolutely tempting menu that offers delicious desserts and bakery items. It’s a hangout of sorts that creates fresh dishes and offers you free Wifi. Situated in Lower Parel, just across Palladium mall, this joint serves some varieties of Jain burgers that are {you gotta believe it} pretty tasty! Their house burgers are served on freshly baked buns and are accompanied by home-made wedges.

Between The Buns: BBQ Paneer Burger, Mexican Tycoon {corn, black beans, jalapenos, cheese & chipotle mayo on a cord chilli bun}, The Jain Delight {garden-fresh veggies, creamy mayo on toasted sesame buns}

Ka-Ching: BBQ Paneer Burger – INR 310, Mexican Tycoon – INR 310, The Jain Delight {INR 280}

2. WOW! Burgers

This burger joint, just on the other side of Matunga station, offers you something different from the sea of South Indian eateries surrounding it. They have a number of options for Jains here, the most popular one being the Bhoot Jolokia burger {a very spicy chilli from Nagaland}.

Between The Buns: Bhoot Jolokia, Cream Cheese Burger, Jalapeno Burger, Paneer Melt Burger, and Chocolate Melt Burger

Ka-Ching: Bhoot Jolokia – INR 190, Cream Cheese Burger – INR 190, Jalapeno Burger – INR 210, Paneer Melt Burger – INR 240, Chocolate Melt Burger – INR 240


Grandmama’s Café

This cosy café serves Italian and Continental dishes and has opened in different parts of the city. Apart from the décor that entices us to enter, there’s more – their awesome playlist and their scrumptious food. They also serve a Jain burger called the Cottage Cheese & Chipotle.

Between The Buns: Cottage Cheese & Chipotle Burger {cottage cheese patty with Mexican chipotle chilli}

Ka-Ching: INR 350


This old time favourite {frequented by the South Bombay college crowd & suits} still has a few surprises up its sleeve. If you’re into experimenting with vegetarian food, try this place out. They’re known for their Gujarati and Jain food items, so it comes as no surprise that they do have a Jain burger that’s on offer.

Between The Buns: Jain Burger with a special veggie patty and cheese

Ka-Ching: INR 225


The Suburban Bean

This little café in Mulund serves vegetarian food and has a number of interesting options in its menu. They also have board and card games for those of us who wait impatiently for our meals.

Between The Buns: Veggie Jain Burger, Paneer Jain Burger

Ka-Ching: INR 160 and INR 200 respectively


The American Joint

This small outlet in BKC serves veggie American burgers, salads and organic food.  The burgers here come with fries and are full of cheese. Apart from this, they also serve machos, pancakes, chilli fries, waffles and much more.

Between The Buns: Chilli Cheese Jain Burger, Organic Veggie Burger, Falafalized Jain Burger, Pesto Pesto Eat All About It Jain Burger, Arrabita Say What? Jain Burger, Chalupa Taco Time Jain Burger

Ka-Ching: INR 279 – INR 349


Coffee Culture

Located in Bandra on Hill Road, this joint has some pretty innovative food presentation and an interesting menu. They have ample veg and non-veg choices and their menu ranges from small plates and snacks to the main course, dessert and coffee. They’re known for their Italian, Mexican and continental cuisine options.

Between The Buns: Jain Burger {Jain patty with mashed banana, herbs and lettuce, topped with mayo in a bun}

Ka-Ching: INR 200


The Good Food Company

This little parlour in Ville Parle serves vegetarian options and also does home delivery. Apart from burgers, it serves pasta, pizzas, toasties, wraps, salads, different types of fries and cold beverages.

Between The Buns: Corn Cheese Surprise Jain Burger, Jalapeno Cheese Delight Jain Burger

Ka-Ching: INR 110 – INR 130



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