Not Just Pani Puri: Bandra's Elco Serves Brown Bread Pav Bhaji And It's Awesome

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Elco Pani Puri stands tall on Hill Road in Bandra, an evergreen street food favourite with the Mumbaikars. We love it for its pani puri, but what else does it have to offer? We tried it out.

Street Food For The Cautious

Elco has been around for a while, popular among the locals and even the expat gang. It serves the purpose of hygienic and clean street food fix. From serving pani puri to chaats, dahi puri and other street food items, they also have a great selection of juices and shakes along with South Indian dishes. Though priced a bit exorbitantly for quote unquote “street food”, Elco comes with a reputation of serving quality and clean food.

Chow Down

Looking to skip the pani puri, we decided to try out the lesser know dishes. Firs up, we decided to go for the brown bread pav bhaji {INR 130}. Though still topped with butter and bhaji, the brown bread offered just a bit of guilt relaxation. We also went for the palak corn dosa {INR 190}

Not to tread far away from the tradition, we ordered in a plate of pani puri {INR 70} which has six pieces. The sweet n spicy mixture with the sprouts reminded just why it’s famous for its pani puri. Of course, as it goes with all Indians, going for a dry pani puri is a birthright. Now we get how no one pays a steep 70 bucks for a plate of pani puri, but Elco is one of those places that gets away with its price, and sometimes, we’re ok with it.

So, We're Saying...

They also do fresh juices and milkshakes and is good for anyone looking to skip all that soda, do be prepared to pay INR 110 for a glass of freshly squeezed juice. The verdict, however is: we love Elco as much as we love Gateway of India on a crowded Sunday. It’s not an atypical budget street food but if you like to indulge and be assured of its quality, Elco is for you.


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