A New South African Artist Has Got Elephants Roaming The Streets Of Mumbai

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Bold and colourful elephants on the wall have now taken over the street art scene of Mumbai, as a South African artist has come to India to paint them all.

Herd Of This Yet?

Falko One, a grafitti artist from South Africa, has a special connection with elephants {the African one, he specifices, in this interview here}.

He has gone all over Africa, smaller towns and bigger cities and very recently, he came to India with the help of energy drink, Red Bull who commissioned a wall for him. He painted the wall on the road going up to Good Luck restaurant on Hill Road and dedicated it to Hindi movie – Haathi Meri Saathi.

That isn’t all – he took his paint spray of can and splashed colour on the walls of Dharavi and even Kharghar – adding much light to the city.

So, We're Saying...

We love these new additions to the city, and will keep an eye out for them for sure. Will you?

More of his work can be found on the Facebook page here.