Minimalist Designs, Ethically Made: This Brand's Silver Jewellery Is Beautiful


    What Makes It Awesome

    The first thought that struck me when I discovered Emerly's was: Finally! I've found simple, elegant silver jewellery that I can wear every day. And that's exactly what the brand is about, making luxury accessible and wearable. The second thought was: This is totally something my favourite Kdrama heroine would wear! And I was not mad about it at all!

    Emerly's has one more thing going for it: their products are ethically made and sourced from silversmiths directly, cutting out the middleman. Their high-quality jewellery is crafted from start to finish right from sourcing to stone setting and polishing and work with local craftsman directly. Expect to pay upwards of INR 649.

    I personally fell for their collection and can absolutely see myself wearing many of their designs: think delicate silver bracelets, zircon studded delicate rings, minimal drop earrings, and more. 


    You can shop a selection of their products on LBB.