Scrumptious Food & Cool Bob Marley Vibes At Raasta, Khar West!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Raasta is a place in Khar considering of Bob Marley vibes and ambience and lip-smacking food of every cuisine.

Coming to my experience,
The drinks are pretty excellent here considering from sweet to sour ranges.
-Flamingo: This was a sweet and sour based drink which looked simple but tasted good.Had a good aftertaste to it too.
-Raasta Special: I recommend this highly to everyone for both presentation colours and taste. The colours match their logo and vibes and the taste is pretty sweet. It's not over-sweet but has a perfect fruity balance to it.

In food we had,
-Half and Half Pizza Of Raasta Special and Garden Special: Raasta special was mostly spinach based with additional toppings of sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and much more. Garden Pizza also had a greener variety of zucchini, onions etc. It was the thin crust. Highly recommend half and a half for more options

We also had,
-Black Mojito Drink: I loved this one. Presentation-wise it looked like cola and at first, it tasted like that too but soon it started tasting like paan or the aftertaste you have with paan. It was quite a pleasant experience with this one.
-Honey Chilli Potatoes: If you are tired of eating paneer everywhere then this is the perfect alternative for you. It's not fries even though they look like those but quite different. The taste was really good and we couldn't help ourselves from finishing it.

Then we had desserts,
-Chocolate Churros: Compared to other places these churros were light and a bit oily but light. They were quite soft yet crunchy and not full of bread as other dessert churros serving places tend to be.
-Raasta Special Pastry: This looked so colourful and also flavours were awesome. Mostly it was sweet and that beautiful lovely chocolate layer complimented so well with the dish.

What Could Be Better?

Tropical green:- Simple looking pineapple based drink.Tasted sweet and sour but kinda lacks that flavour punch

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids.

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