We've Found You A Beauty Brand That Keeps You In Harmony With Nature

What Makes It Awesome

We've all seen a plethora of beauty products in the market, emphasis mostly on how they can enhance your look to make you feel your best, right? Well, we want to push that aside for the time being and make you look at this young brand we've discovered. Called Enn's Closet, the brand claims to 'put your health first' by focusing on creating the perfect harmony between nature and you. Their products are safe, non-toxic, organic, and even paraben-free. What we love is the fact that they are against animal testing and source local ingredients to make their (delicious looking and smelling) products! To make you understand the kind of variety they provide, we'll just delve in. They have a number of categories you can focus on - skin issues, face, lips, eyes, hair and accessories. When you look at their range of products, you'll realise how many real issues they actually tackle - skin issues has accessories, acne, anti-aging, beauty blenders blackheads, dryness, dullness creams, eyelash balms, face gels, face masks, washes, mists, facial oils, hair products, lip balms, lip masks, magnetic eyelashes (wow!), serums, scrubs, sunscreens, toners, tanning products, and more. Phew! The list actually goes on. I had the chance to try some of their most interesting products and I must say, the skin and hair feel softer and fresher after 3 weeks of using them. Let's jump right in. I been using four different products - the Kandy Floss lip scrub, the Berry Bang face mask, the About To Glow hydrating moisturiser and the Keratin Custard hair mask. All of them smell good and are extremely easy to apply. The face mask leaves you feeling refreshed every time you use it, the moisturiser gives you that honey glow that you've always wanted and the hair mask has really been a life saver for those of us with frizzy hair. While I haven't used it too long, my hair still does feel softer and tamed than earlier. The lip scrub is pocket-sized and can be carried wherever you go. I've visited a few cities and used the product and I'll add that it works well in both humid and cold climates. Overall, it's been a real good experience and I can't wait to check out some of the other products, like the sunscreen, face gel or even their eyelash balm. If you're looking for something that's damn easy to use, sorts you out, focuses on specific areas and even looks and smells good, check out Enn's Closet and pick your own favourites!

How Much Did It Cost

₹1000 - ₹3000