Did You Know There's A Beautiful Running Park Next To Linking Road In Bandra?

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If you hate traffic snarls on Linking Road, you’ll like what we found. Say hello to Patwardhan Park, people.

What Is It?

A piece of green amidst the harrowing horn fest on Linking Road exists. It’s popular among those who live around and it’s high time for those who didn’t, should. Maintained privately by Raheja Developers, Patwardhan Park is a gem for those who like quiet. It has a jogging track the size of Jogger’s Park {almost} and also a mud path for those who don’t like to run on concrete. Apart from the tracks, it also has a covered yoga and meditation section. The cover is lush and outside the boundary, you’ll find vendors selling snacks and fruits. The entry will cost you INR 2 and a monthly pass, INR 50 or so.

So, We're Saying...

Whether you’re shopping at Linking Road and want a breather or are upset about BMC taking over Jogger’s Park and are looking for a new running haunt, check out Patwardhan.


Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai