Ten-Second Takeaway

The Amazing Escape has opened up in Kamala Mills and it’s an exciting adventure game for anyone who loves to channel in their inner Sherlock to escape the room within 60 minutes or less.

A Quest Like Indiana Jones’


Just like the famous reel time archaeologist, Indiana Jones loved to uncover the hidden gems and artefacts, Amazing Escape lets you don your detective hat to uncover the truth. It’s simple really, the Amazing Escape offers the patrons a ‘real-life’ like situation wherein a specific theme {which you’re free to choose} has been set for you.

Once you’re inside the room, you need to find clues and follow the lead to get outside the room – all under 60 minutes. They allow a group of five to six people in one go, so make sure to choose your team wisely {lest you want to be disappointed}.

What We Love

Without delving into the spoilers, they offer six themes that one can choose from and play with. They have the ever-so eerie ‘The Evil Lucy’ – which is played in complete darkness with a torchlight {not advised for the faint-hearted}. They have The Lost Kingdom, The Egyptian Tomb {which we tried and loved}, Illuminati, Prison Break and more.

The experience we had was rather mind-blowing. We worked as a team of six people – strangers to start with who came out as a team {what a revelation}. We racked our brains to solve the clues and pick on hints so we could manage getting out of the room under those slotted 60 minutes, which we did, rather triumphantly. It’s challenging, and fun – since we don’t remember the last time we got out on a treasure hunt of sorts.

So, We’re Saying…

The Amazing Escape is tricky, challenging and lets you on an adventure you weren’t prepared for. Reminisce your childhood, and get adventurous with their larger-than-life theme to make it an exciting group outing.

Price: INR 699 per person {weekdays}, INR 849 upwards per person {weekend}

Photos courtesy: The Amazing Escape