These Feminine Hygiene Products Are Comfortable & Safe For The Environment

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What Makes It Awesome

It's that time of the month again when you need to stock up on your hygiene essentials. While many of us have switched to menstrual cups, it isn't an option all of us are comfortable with or find convenient. However, we are concerned about the impact plastic-based products have on the environment, not to mention our bodies. 

That's where Evolve comes in. Evolve is a feminine hygiene brand that makes sanitary napkins that rash-free, toxic-free, ultra-thin and eco-safe. They are ergonomically designed with a dry-touch surface and good absorbancy so you feel comfortable during your period. They also come with extra-large wings to help minimise staining if you've an active lifestyle. Each pad is also individually wrapped with a disposable cover so it is convenient to carry. 

You can get them in a variety of options customised to suit your flow. Prices start at INR 349 for a pack of 18. You can get a pack of 36 pads at INR 599.