Experience A Delightful Trip To Grand Trunk Road With Some Luscious Delicacies

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What Makes It Awesome?

Taftoon has been on my bucket list for a very long time. Popularly known for the 1m long kebab initially. But now they serve some mind-blowing dishes originating from there theme of Grand Trunk Road which stretches from Kubal to Bengal. So each and every dish they serve has a story behind it. Even the logo itself originates from the first gold coin by Maurya dynasty.

This place is located on the ground floor of Raheja tower which makes it a prime spot. This location in G block is actually home to many other authentic and popular restaurants.

The ambience was a class art in itself. With the open kitchen, you see your food cooking and see some amazing kebabs being cooked live. If that's not all the dim lights after 9 pm will win your heart.

Now coming to the amazing hospitality that we received. All thanks to Mr. Ameet and staff who left no stones unturned to make our experience special. So we started with Kashmiri Kawa. Hell, I was so fascinated by that tea and I sipped the entire hot tea in one shot. Did burn my tongue but I enjoyed the flavour which was full of dry fruits at the bottom.

Starting with the first appetizer which actually left its mark in our taste buds with its tantalizing flavours. Galauti Kebab(Must Try) is an authentic Lucknowi kebab made out of mutton keema. Well, the kebab was actually melting in our mouth with the paste which made it delicious.

Our next hit was Taftoon Pe Harissa Gucchi and Mushroom. The signature caftan was layered with Harissa paste and mixed with three types of drilled mushrooms. This entire dish is finished with truffle oil which gives the entire dish a modern touch.

Railway Kosha Chop was another lamb appetizer we tried. Now, this dish was originated from my hometown Kolkata. The lamb ribs were perfectly marinated all the amazing spices starting from onion to Lal Mirch.

Now comes my vegetarian favourite Bhuney Mushroom Ke Shish(Must Try). Grilled mushrooms with dry apricot assorted pepper and zucchini marinated in malt vinegar giving the entire dish a savoury taste. Now comes the real magic of pickles which actually made the entire dish savoury and spicy. Must try for vegetarians.

Heading towards mains we tried Goalando Steamer Curry. It is an again a Bengali preparation of chicken curry which is particularly known for its super tasty gravy. The flavour was perfectly blended around onion, tomatoes, chillies and turmeric. This was served to us with a wide range of bread naming Lal Naan(the bread is topped with nuts), Baquerkhani( a Kashmiri bread with a crispy topping of poppy crust) and Zafranu Taftoon(my favourite and lightest of all which had flavours of saffron in it).

Coming to my favourite part desserts. So I urged for a Chena Platter which had Bengali milk sweets. Shandesh, Cham Cham and milk sandwich were perfect. The only problem which I had was Jaggery Rasgulla which wasn't up to the mark as it tasted gulab jamun. Shufta(Must Try) was a royal Kashmiri dessert which actually had all the nuts starting from raisins to pistachios all tossed in ghee. It was complemented with fresh Mango Ice cream with a base of Chikki.

We also had a signature cocktail from the list which is Buzzed Murabba. A perfect blend of vodka with mango murabba and flavours of pineapple for you to enjoy.

The signature mocktail we tried was Egyptian Hibiscus and Cranberry Iced Tea. Well, I never realized when I completed the entire drink. All thanks to its sweet and savoury flavour due to Hibiscus and rose water.

So our trip of Grand Trunk Road came to an end with amazing hospitality and delicious food.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group

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