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What Makes It Awesome?

The rakabdars (gourmet cooks) of Awadh are here in Mumbai with their Mughal cooking artistry to give you a Nawabi feast filled with flavour and flair.  Check this out.

Ummrao nestles at Courtyard Marriott well-bred and poised with an era of Awadhi culture. Treading into this restaurant hint that you are in a royal palace of Lucknow with a touch of “tehzeeb” by the flawless staff greeting you “Adaab”. As you continue to walk, enjoy the sight of protruding lotus chandelier from mid-century accompanied with vaulted ceilings, parapets on roofs and impressive interiors. 

With various seating arrangements and soothing music, you can reserve your seat as per the situation – for a date or for friends or family. There is a lot we heard about the spacious separate dining area where most of the wine lunch/dinner takes place especially adjourn by corporates. You can even party there. Chill & sit by the Awadhi “dastarkhwan” and feel the real essence of dining like a majesty with ancient ceramics plates, Bordeaux glasses and copper cutleries pulling you to the heritage culture. 

Open the menu that takes you to the ageless Mughal days when Awadhi cuisines were greatly inspired by Central Asia, Hyderabad & Punjab which resulted in an extravagant taste. Proficient Masterchef Mukhtar Qureshi has curated the menu with the best of cuisines to suits the taste buds of all diners. In one of the conversations with the GM, we were au courant that the chef likes to accompany every dish with an add-on. 

The bar at Ummrao makes their trenches in-house and all the spices are imported from the geographies they are grown in. They have given tribute to the famous bartenders across the globe through their drinks i.e. cocktails with an Ummrao twist.

You are served with Shorba (compliment drink) which is a custom of the Lucknowis consumed before the meal. Start with a refreshing mocktail Ba-Dastoor which has tamarind fizzled with ginger ale. Call for another revitalizing drink called Zarra made up of tropical flavours with a twist of world spiciest chilli “bhoot jholokia”.

For appetizers, we were served Awadhi Spiced Paneer Tikka served on bread of Halim, Nadri Ki Shammi with lotus root & whole wheat paratha, Trio Of Broccoli with malai, saffron and mustard, Tandoori Kesari Jhinga with raw papaya salad, Ambada Jhinga cooked with ambada marinated prawns & Murshidabadi Ghosht Seekh prepared with coarsely minced lamb, coriander and ginger. The starters were impeccable in presentation and texture with no compromise on quality and taste.

Savour on the main course with Gobhi Musallam cooked with cauliflower, Seasonal Mix consisting of ambada, palak, methi, dal & hara pyaaz, Bhuna Adraki Chaap served with a bed of dalim, Jhinga Kairi Curry with raw mango, onion and coconut milk based curry, Khade Masala Murgh with Saffron Magaj Naan & Lachha Paratha

Diners leaving Ummrao without desserts is a strict no. Relish on Slow Cooked Double Ka Meetha with traditional kulfi and finish our meal with classic Kesar Pista Phirni.

Before bidding adieu, a big thank to Yash Sagar and Teharat Ali for the amazing hospitality. Great Champs!!

Ummrao displays the tranquillity needed to unwind yourself from the daily chores and treats you like the Nawabs and the Begum. Fully tucked with great delicacies, I found myself renewed for another venture.

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